Simple Steps to Maintain Your Carpet

So, you have had new carpet installed in your home or would like to protect and maintain the carpet you already have. Here are some simple steps to keep your carpet looking pristine and vibrant from the experts in carpet cleaning in the Cairns and Northern Beaches region.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner – This is so important and the best investment you can make to maintain your carpets.

As we walk on our carpets, we slowly but surely track through dirt and soiling that sticks to the carpet fibres. This in turn creates somewhat of a sandpaper effect and over time wears down the carpet fibres. This is most prevalent on synthetic/nylon carpets and you will notice with older, unmaintained carpets that flat wear trails are formed throughout the heavy traffic areas.

Vacuuming carpets on a weekly basis using a powerhead vacuum cleaner will make a significant difference in the life of your carpet. (Kirby and Columbus XP2 are good examples of the top of the range vacuum cleaners). Using this type of vacuum will remove 80% of soiling and the remainder will be removed by your yearly professional carpet clean. If you are not having your carpets steam cleaned on a yearly basis, you honestly are not doing your carpets any favours.

  • Carpet Runners or Rugs – These are excellent in high-traffic areas and will help to protect your carpet in the long term. They are easily removable and, depending on the type of rug, washable.
  • Stain Repellent – Wool carpets are very resilient and have certain natural stain resistance. Polypropylene carpets have an excellent resistance to most stains, however they do attract oily types of stains and can crush easily over time; the fibre doesn’t tend to bounce back as well as wool or other synthetics/nylons.

5th Generation nylons are pre-treated with stain repellent products, but they need to be treated with respect when spot cleaning or steam cleaning, being sure not to use a very high pH level cleaner that will strip the repellent from your carpet. No matter what fibre type your carpet is, it’s important to spot clean your carpet when a stain appears, or as soon as an accident happens. If you can’t remove the stain, call your local carpet cleaner to do it for you ASAP. The faster a stain is attended to, the easier it is to remove.

  • Take off Your Shoes – You have your nice carpet, now feel it under your feet! Take off those dirty soil-attracting shoes and put on a nice pair of slippers.

Yearly Cleaning Schedule – Now that you have done your part to maintain your carpets, let a professional carpet cleaning company do their part. Schedule a yearly professional local carpet cleaning Cairns and Northern Beaches region service to have your carpets steam cleaned, deodorised and sanitised.