Window Cleaning – Pure Water Technology

Times are changing in the window cleaning Cairns and Northern Beaches region and beyond, especially when it comes to working at heights. Climbing to the top of an extension ladder 3 storeys high and mopping, then squeegeeing a window – not to mention cleaning window frames and cobwebs at the same time – is downright dangerous and becoming very expensive to get insurance! Working from the ground is the safer alternative and thankfully we are fortunate to have a range of equipment and products to achieve this. Welcome to the world of “Pure Water Technology”.

Window cleaners are becoming more attracted to this type of window cleaning, keeping employees safe and insurance costs down. Initial set-up costs can be expensive, but the savings in the long term outweigh the short-term money outlay.

What is Pure Water Technology?

Pure water technology involves filtering tap water which has solid particles (inorganic salts) and turning this water into pure water that has zero total dissolved solids, otherwise known as zero TDS. This is achieved by using reverse osmosis and a deionisation resin (DI Resin) that purifies the water.

Once the water is pure, it is fed up an extension pole and through a brush; this enables the window cleaner to use a practised technique to scrub and wash down the window. Being pure water, when the water dries it does not leave any spots. water marks or streaks, hence the glass dries crystal clear.

Choose Vivid for Window Cleaning Cairns

Obviously, this innovative technique can only be used on the outside windows. Those who have never seen this type of window cleaning are sometimes a bit dubious about how the end result will appear. My advice would be to give it a go and you’ll be amazingly surprised and may even save yourself some money compared to a traditional clean. Vivid Cairns and Northern Beaches region Window Cleaners are here to deliver the very best sparkling windows to you.

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