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Pure Water Technology window cleaning for a crystal clear outlook

Whether or not you own or rent a property in the Cairns or Northern Beaches region with water or mountain views, there’s nothing like seeing the world outside through sparking clean windows. They allow more natural light to flood your home, which has the added bonus of enhancing moods. Clean windows also help blur the lines between the built and natural environments, something anyone with a view or leafy outlook aspires to achieve.

While most people can clean their own windows the traditional way with a mop and squeegee, it is a tedious time-consuming task. Furthermore DIY or professional window cleaning using traditional methods won’t deliver the long-lasting streak-free results of a Vivid window cleaning service. That’s because we use the latest window cleaning technology on all external windows – the Pure Water System.

What is the Pure Water Window Cleaning System?

The Pure Water System is a modern window cleaning method for external windows that uses 100% de-ionised water to completely dissolve all solids on the windows, including the solids you can’t see.

How does it work?

  • Purify the water supply – We connect a hose fitted with a Pure Water filtration system to your external tap. The filter removes all solid particles from the water leaving it 100% pure, also known as zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • Wash– We connect another hose to the filter’s outlet and run the pure water through a telescopic pole at the end of which we attach our special soft-bristled window cleaning brush. The pure water combined with the agitating action of the brush is so effective at removing all traces of dirt, salt spray, dust and grime from your windows that no detergent or other cleaning solution is required. There is also no need for ladders or scaffolding, no matter how high your windows, making it a safer and more cost effective option.
  • Rinse – The final step in this modern window cleaning system is to thoroughly rinse your windows with more pure water, leaving them to dry naturally for a totally streak and spot free finish.

We adopt the same meticulous attention to detail to clean the inside of your windows, frames and window sills by hand.

The Pure Water Window Cleaning System is ideal for single to multi-level properties and for any shape, size or type of window, glass door, or other external glass, including:

  • Full length windows and glass doors
  • Intricate, small-paned windows
  • Stained glass windows
  • Glass balustrades

You won’t believe the difference until you see the world through crystal clear windows for the very first time!

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