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Air-conditioning Cleaning

Ever wondered why your air-conditioning split system doesn’t seem to be pumping out cold air like it used to, even though you have cleaned the filters? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a bad smell coming from your air-conditioning system? Is it possible that your air conditioning is making you sick? Do you need air conditioning cleaning Read More

Coronavirus & Flu – can cleaning help protect you & your family?

With Coronavirus the most talked about news topic today, we have some exciting news about a 100% safe product we use to clean and sanitise that has just been proven to inactivate Bovine Coronavirus viral agents The world is currently on edge. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the verge of being classified a global pandemic and Read More

Window Cleaning – Pure Water Technology

Window cleaning cairns

Times are changing in the window cleaning Cairns and Northern Beaches region and beyond, especially when it comes to working at heights. Climbing to the top of an extension ladder 3 storeys high and mopping, then squeegeeing a window – not to mention cleaning window frames and cobwebs at the same time – is downright Read More

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising

Cleaning our mattresses on a regular basis is often overlooked. We assume that having a mattress protector and sheets should be enough to protect the mattress from the skin we shed, our perspiration and the feeding ground this creates for dust mites. This is not true! Mattress cleaning is very important for both your comfort Read More